Web Design in Canva

Language: hindi

Instructors: avadhesh pratap


Why this course?


In this course, you’re going to learn how to design a website page using Canva.


This course is perfect it if you’re a beginner with Canva and you’re looking to learn the basic principles and workflows by actually creating a design project at the same time.


We are going to design everything from scratch using the latest design tools and workflows and we'll finish up by fully prototyping the website.


But why should you learn Canva  Web Design from me?


I’ll briefly introduce myself: my name is Avadhesh Pratap and I’m a full-time designer with over 12+ years of experience.


After graduating with a Science subject, I completed a Diploma Course in Multimedia from Aptech. I also completed my master's degree in Information Systems from SMU. I worked and managed hundreds of design projects for companies of all sizes and tech backgrounds.


On the side, I have also designed over 20 design products and my designs have been downloaded over 100+ times.


I had a deep passion for design ever since I was in high school and since this industry gave me so much, I want to give back by sharing the knowledge I gathered as a designer over all these years.


So join me today in this course and let's learn Canva so that you can bring your designs to the next level.

Course Curriculum

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